Nicholas Pound is a professional actor / singer who has performed in theater for over 35 years. He has played lead roles in Les Misérables, The Rocky Horror Show, Chess, Evita, Notre Dame de Paris and Man of La Mancha.

He has had a long association with the role of Old Deuteronomy in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. He moved to Eastbourne Old Town 5 years ago, after living in Spain for 9 years where he was the founder of vocal harmony group Tres Divos and hosted his own weekly radio show The Sound of Musicals on Talk Radio Europe.

Nicholas shares his thoughts …

“Last month my Facebook feed was filled with happy announcements from various friends in the theater about their upcoming productions. Theaters are slowly reopening after lockdown. Huzzah! West End shows reopen, nationwide tours cover and even brand new. Musicals come to life. Face-to-face auditions (though masked) are happening again. This is great news in every way, but we all come back very cautiously into the spotlight. ramp.

“Many theaters have had to adapt their public spaces, retrain their staff and to begin with, some shows will run non-stop. Make sure you have taken a good comfort break before entering the theater! All is well, and without unwanted increase in the number of Covids, from June 21 the public can start to be socially close again.

“The actors will be eager to get back to doing what they love to do again, and by all accounts, that first time back in the rehearsal room or on stage will be emotional. So how did we all do it last year? starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant playing enhanced versions of themselves in episodic 15 minute Zoom conversations (or more often, rants), beautifully demonstrated the angst, frustration and boredom of 2 actors who struggle to define themselves as actors during the lockdown when they couldn’t for, well… act.

“Most artists need an outlet for their creativity, even when they are not employed in their chosen field. Delivering for Hermes or stacking shelves at Tesco may have kept the wolf out of the door financially, but what have people done to keep it dark? door depression dog mentally and artistically? People in the theater are very adaptable and while many can be technophobic (I put my hand up there) we had to learn to master iPhone auto-tape auditions and repeated read readings on Zoom – a definite plus though. so you can phone your performance from the comfort of your own living room in Eastbourne.

“During this pandemic year, many disparate groups of actors and musicians have seized the opportunity to reinvent themselves and, thanks to the magic of the internet (and some very talented video editors), have created performances of poignant, moving and fun together. Check out the YouTube videos of former Cats actors and band members from around the world meeting online to film “ Cats in Quarantine ” (( and the fabulous Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Audra Macdonald performing remotely Ladies Who Lunch by Stephen Sondheim (

“There has been an incredible array of live-streamed performances and other theatrical goodies to watch over the past year, some free and some pay-per-view, including the in-house production of Sunset Boulevard’s Leicester Curve. by Lloyd Webber and Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads series which included new and reworked monologues. While these productions were a welcome and much-needed reconnection to the theater as we were all stuck inside, nothing can replace the thrill. to be sitting in a real theater watching a live performance. As the country spreads its arms ready to embrace a new normal, hoping we can all hope for a spring (re) awakening. “

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