For decades, James “Mac” McWhorter has beautified the homes of his neighbors – and when the time came for his home to receive care, they were ready to return the favor.

McWhorter said United States today that he started doing odd jobs here and there, and as the rumor spread that he did a good job, “it seemed to me that all of a sudden I became the neighborhood handyman “. No job was too big or too small, and “whatever you needed he could do,” neighbor Carmen Merritt said. McWhorter was so busy helping others take care of their homes that his own house was falling apart, and when Merritt noticed he needed a new roof, she started talking to other neighbors about the ways to help McWhorter.

“Almost immediately, people offered to donate,” Merritt said. Neighbor Millie Woods, an interior designer, took charge of the project and made sure McWhorter could enjoy the experience without working. “The Mac thing, I had to stop him twice from going up a ladder to get on that roof,” Woods said. United States today. “I said, ‘Mac, you can’t help with this job, you don’t need to do it anymore. It’s something you deserve because you’ve been doing it for other people for so many years and you need it and now it’s your turn. ‘”

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