Hollywood actors

The real reasons why Hollywood actors are taking over Wrexham

Reynolds is much more than a Hollywood actor and producer. He’s a marketer with his own company that owns stakes in the brands it markets, with Reynolds at the center of those campaigns. The marketing of gin brands and mobile network providers is continued with a knowing look at the camera. Reynolds’ fame is duly acknowledged as well as the skin he has in the game. He skillfully plays the role of the overzealous entrepreneur, throwing back the usual publicity cliches. The message is gently slid across the table rather than pushed in the face.

As for Wrexham AFC, 13 out of the Football League, their best ever league finish from 15th in the second tier in 1979, the plan is simple: premium content with Reynolds at the centre. Or in the old lexicon: a television series about the club and its owners. Filming has already begun and there are strong suggestions that financial backing has been secured, at least in part. The stars of the series will ultimately be its very famous owners, although there will no doubt be characters discovered along the way among players, staff and the wider Wrexham community.

It’s a new type of takeover, with content as its ultimate goal – eternal global football content that can play seamlessly across all territories for an audience that already understands the terms. Not every football fan in the world will know Wrexham AFC, but every fan will know a club like Wrexham AFC. Down with their luck, beloved by their fans, still waiting for a dream that will change their fortunes. There will be triumph, despair and all the usual perils football offers. For Reynolds and McElhenney, it’s a solid formula.

For Wrexham, the options are certainly better than the recent past, which has seen the club operate with minimal results with mixed results. Those close to the takeover say that for the TV series to be successful, the club has to be successful, and for the club to be successful, it has to do well on the pitch. They add that Reynolds and McElhenney have reputations at stake that they do not wish to tarnish. Indeed, one imagines being chased on the internet until the end of time by angry Welsh football fans would be unpleasant even from the isolation of Beverly Hills.