Since spending time in Wales while filming his new blockbuster, actor Tom Hardy has caused a stir.

The 43-year-old Hollywood actor has been filming the upcoming Netflix film Havoc in South Wales since May and has been spotted by Welsh fans on several occasions over the past two months.

The film is directed by Gareth Evans, the Aberdare filmmaker behind acclaimed martial arts thrillers The Raid and Raid 2, Horror Apostle Michael Sheen and, most recently, Sky Atlantic’s Gangs of London.

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At the end of September, residents and traders of Bute Street in Cardiff were dispatched a letter from Netflix on set which takes place over four nights between September 27 and September 30.

Bute Street doubles for New York City in Havoc, with photographs of the set showing fake snow and NYPD police cars parked along the street.

And the capital isn’t the only place the actor has been spotted in recent months, with Hardy spotted in Barry and Swansea as well.

Here are all the times Tom Hardy has stopped to take pictures with fans in Wales.

Tom Hardy seen on the film set outside the Guildhall in Swansea


In August, Hardy walked into the M&S store in Culverhouse Cross, stopping for a selfie with some of the staff.

Posting on Facebook, the M&S store team said: “Amazing to see the wonderful Tom Hardy at M&S ​​Culverhouse Cross today!

“The team couldn’t resist a photo. Thanks Tom!”

M&S Culverhouse Cross staff take a selfie with Tom
M&S Culverhouse Cross staff take a selfie with Tom

Barry Island

In July, the award-winning actor was spotted having fun on Barry Island.

A photo of the star was shared on the Barry Island Pleasure Park Facebook page with the caption: “Thanks to legend Tom Hardy for visiting us today and loving Barry Island as much as we do.”

Movie star Tom Hardy pictured in Barry Island with local businessman Henry Danter

Tom Hardy enjoying one of the Barry Island rides

Cardiff (again)

The A-lister was spotted a second time in Cardiff in August, this time in Tesco, where he was pictured with police officers.

Posted on the South Wales Police in Cardiff Twitter account, they said: “Ely NPT is taking a seat for lunch and guess who we are meeting.”

Tom Hardy spotted again in Cardiff – stops for a selfie with cops at Ely Tesco


Hardy was also spotted in Swansea in August while filming at Brangwyn Hall.

The roads around Brangwyn Hall were closed and a number of trailers had been set up to house the stars of the film and the production crew.

Christopher Beckers, 43, of Sandfields, waited two and a half hours to try to snap a photo with Hardy and his co-star Forest Whitaker.

“I live not too far away in Sandfields and work from home and am a huge TV and movie fan so I thought I would jump in after seeing the rumors,” he said. “There were a number of vans and trailers with people coming in and out of the lobby.”

He said he recognized one of the many dogs on set as belonging to the Peaky Blinders star.

Christopher Beckers and Tom Hardy outside Brangwyn Hall Swansea

“I recognized one of the dogs as Tom Hardy’s, a little French bulldog, security told me they were done with the shoot but no one is getting away from their dog”, said he declared.

“I decided to wait a few hours and saw Forest Whitaker who was heavily escorted by security in a car but saw Tom and managed to call him.

“It surprised me, I thought there was no harm in asking but if he had said no I wouldn’t have blamed him. I am a huge fan and this is the opportunity to a life.

“He was very polite and I was very grateful, it was really kind of him to do that.

“He was really happy to pose for a photo with me, it all happened so fast, I was struck by him.”

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