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This Arlington boutique’s jewelry is a favorite of Hollywood celebrities

About a dozen years ago, Libby Diament began selling her designs at craft fairs in New York City while working for MAC Cosmetics. After working at MAC, she worked on a full evening jewelry training program and in 2010 Libby took a deep dive and went into her jewelry business full time, and diamond jewelry was born.

“I tell people that I literally pounded the pavement,” Diament says. “For about eight years, I traveled across the United States doing craft shows; I like jewelry because I like working with my hands.

Diament likes jewelry to be generally sentimental and precious objects. She is particularly fond of vintage jewelry because of the high quality and uniqueness of each piece.

“When the opportunity to open the shop at The Wharf in DC presented itself, I jumped at the chance,” says Diament. “I tapped into my network of smaller brands that I met through the craft show circuit and knew I wanted to support them in my shop.”

Diament Jewelry’s flagship store, Wharf, opened in April 2018.

The shop now sells over 250 brands and prides itself on offering smaller independent brands. After finding success in DC for the past four years, Diament decided to expand into Northern Virginia. Baby items have done well in her store, so the new Shirlington store will have a strong baby focus, while still selling plenty of gifts and jewelry.

“I think two stores are a great balance at the moment, they’re kind of yin and yang to each other,” Diament says. “The Wharf is crazy and lively and Shirlington is laid back and charming.”

Diament hopes to create an intimate atmosphere in its Northern Virginia boutique. “I love the laid-back, small-town vibe that Shirlington brings,” she adds. “This is a place you always come back to…free parking is always a huge bonus!”

As for what to expect when browsing the store, Diament recommends taking the time to look around a bit to find the perfect piece. The feminist field is a huge draw for people and items often sell out quickly.

“Sometimes we call the store ‘Dicks and Stickers LLC’ because we sell so many stickers and these awesome sweatshirts from Femfetti.com that say ‘Don’t be a Dick,'” Diament explains.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Diament jewelry, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elle Fanning, Cher Lloyd, Rachel Bilson, Giada de Laurentiis, Meredith Vieira, Ann Veal and Joyby Becca Tobin and Heather Morris.

“A friend of mine is a stylist in Los Angeles and started adorning celebrities with Joy with my pieces,” Diament says. “They were huge back then, so it was super exciting – it’s always great to have a friend in show business.”

Diaments hopes to expand to at least one more location in the coming years. She wants to keep the small and unique feel of her stores a top priority. His website and his blog, diamondjewelry.com, has been a huge growth area for the company, especially with the challenge of COVID in recent years. You can now find around 50% of what Diament sells in online stores as well.

“I hope the business continues to grow so I can continue to hire other great employees and develop their skills and love of retail,” Diament says. “I’m really passionate about helping other businesswomen in any way I can.”

Diamond Jewelry’s Shirlington location opened in June in the Village of Shirlington at 4017B Campbell Ave., Arlington.

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