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Three exciting Hollywood movies that were filmed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that has sought to promote the wonderful places of its territory so that they become the perfect setting for major international films. This has allowed its nature, its beaches and its cities to appear in the exciting stories told on the big screen.

On more than one occasion, this Central American country has been the destination chosen by actors such as Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake or Will Smith to shoot memorable scenes from their best films here.

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So here we present to you these famous films that contemplate Costa Rica in its plot:

After Earth

In 2013, this science fiction film showed a father and his son who, after suffering an accident in their spaceship, must make an emergency landing on a nearby planet, which turns out to be Earth. The film was partially shot in Costa Rica, for which Will Smith and his son Jaden visited this country. Specifically, they were at ‘La Fortuna’ and ‘Sarapiquí’ where the film directed by M. Night Shyamalan was made.

runner runner

When a Princeton student – played by Justin Timberlake – is scammed in an online poker game where he loses $60,000, he discovers the gambling site is hosted in Costa Rica. So he decides to go there to confront a corrupt tycoon named Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), of whom he will eventually become a disciple.

From the trailer for this film you can see the capital of San José and Puntarenas, although the image that is given of the country is not exactly the best, since it shows it as a paradise for gambling, proselytizing and corrupt police.


In 1995, the film directed by Frank Marshall was shot near the Arenal and Irazú volcanoes. The latter appeared as if it were an active volcano located in a remote region of the Congo. This is where a team of scientists with different interests goes: like the search for the famous lost city of Zinj.

So you’re thinking of Jurassic Park?

Who else do you know that was filmed in the country? Although the country is constantly mentioned in jurassic parkit was actually filmed in Hawaii.

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