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TOP 8 Hollywood stars who speak Hungarian – VIDEOS

Hungarian, one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, can be a huge challenge for foreigners. Few people may know that it is the only language in Europe that has little or no similarity with other languages. Despite all these factors, some Hollywood stars are so determined that even that couldn’t stop them from mastering a few phrases.

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is the absolute winner among Hungarian-speaking Hollywood stars. The American actress and comedian learned the full lyrics to a Hungarian rap song during her short visit. Apparently, the actress, who was filming in Budapest, got to know the complicated Hungarian song from her driver, and it quickly became her favorite Hungarian hit. Nothing proves this better than the fact that the actress also showed off her Hungarian rap talent on an American TV show.

Gene Simmons of KISS

KISS fans may already know that Gene Simmons, one of the band’s founding members, is of Hungarian descent. The parents of the American musician of Israeli origin were both Hungarian. It’s no coincidence that Simmons speaks the language so well, which we could see during his concert in Budapest last July.

Freddie Mercury

Even today, goosebumps are guaranteed when one remembers one of the greatest singers of the time, Freddie Mercury, singing to the public the Hungarian children’s song “Spring Wind Floods Water” (Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt ). One of the most memorable moments, for sure.

Sebastian Vettel

The four-time Formula 1 world champion of German origin Sebastian Vettel used a few Hungarian phrases for a Red Bull advertisement. “Üdv a világomban, a Red Bull világában” (Welcome to my world, the world of Red Bull) is a very catchy slogan, and Vettel’s perfect pronunciation may have brought the public even closer to the Hungarian language.

Jennifer Garnier

Jennifer Garner also learned a few Hungarian phrases for a movie. According to the movie section, all the files the protagonist is looking for are in Hungarian. But Jennifer easily gets out of the situation. As she says: “Ez nem lesz problema. Magyarul Beszelek. (That won’t be a problem. I speak Hungarian). The character also reveals that she learned one of the most melodic languages ​​in the world from her grandparents.

Sylvester Stallone

The Rocky star learned a Hungarian phrase for the movie FIST (1978). During an important meeting, the actor asks his partner “Beszélsz magyarul?” (Do you speak Hungarian?) He says: “Jobban, mint angolul”. (Better than English). Maybe the latter was a bit of an exaggeration, but with these few words Stallone entered the list of Hollywood stars who know a little Hungarian.

Katy Perry

The singer was in Budapest while filming her hit music Fireworks. Thanks to the clip, not only Budapest’s most spectacular attractions – Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge – are on display around the world, but curious ears can also catch a few Hungarian introductory words.

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Selena Gomez

The world-famous singer and actress toured the Hungarian capital in 2010, starring in the film Monte Carlo. In addition to several months of filming, the old streets of Budapest were also the location of his music video Round and Round. In a previous interview, the actress said that she doesn’t remember Hungary very well, but some Hungarian expressions are still etched in her memory. These are like one of the most beautiful Hungarian words “szeretlek” (I love you), and the phrase “Csendet, felvétel van” (Shut up, we’re spinning), which are some of the words the Hollywood star remembers with amusement.

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