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Vintage photos of old Hollywood stars and celebrities celebrating the holidays throughout history

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There are the holiday season, and then there are the holiday season in Old Hollywood. Something about a New Years Eve celebration attended by Mae West or a Halloween party with Jayne Mansfield on the guest list is just glamorous in itself. These stars brought appeal wherever they went. To get into the festive spirit, whether the holidays are just around the corner or not, take a look at these vintage snaps of stars celebrating over the years.

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1920: New Year’s Eve

Richard Tauber and Lee Perry band in 1920 with streamers and balloons. It was the last New Years Eve for a while with champagne flowing – a few weeks later the Prohibition Era began and did not end until 1933.

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1928: New Year

A group of rising stars of the 1920s — Richard Taber, Agnes Esterhazy, Liane Haide, Grit Haid, Walter Rilla and the painter Rauscher — celebrate New Years Eve together.

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Circa 1930s: Thanksgiving

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney split a giant triangle in the spirit of Thanksgiving. The inseparable duo have played opposite each other for years. “There was more than a love affair,” Mickey said of their relationship, “It was so special. It was love forever.”

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Circa 1930s: Thanksgiving

Joan Crawford carves a turkey for a Thanksgiving photoshoot. It was a common photo pose for the stars of the time.

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1932: Christmas

Frankenstein star Boris Karloff and Oscar winner Ginger Rogers launched at a Christmas party in Los Angeles. The celebration brought together 200 of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

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1933: Easter

Years before actress Heather Angel voiced Mary Darling in the original Peter Pan, she pretended to be the Easter Bunny.

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1933: Halloween

Actress Lona Andre sits near a row of corn stalks for a Halloween photoshoot. It has been an incredibly busy year for her, having appeared in 10 different films.

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1935: New Year’s Eve

New York socialite Gloria Baker and producer Howard Hughes attend a party together at the Pation Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

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1935: new year’s day

A 5-year-old Shirley Temple breaks in in 1935 with a smile. The year before had been a big one for the child actress, who appeared in her first major feature film. Stand up and applaud!

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1935: Valentine’s Day

Actress June Allyson smiles for the camera during a heart-themed photoshoot. A few years later, she would make her Broadway debut in Sing the news.

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1936: new year’s eve

Actress Mae West poses for the camera in her usual pomp and glamor. Years later, she released a holiday album titled Wild christmas, with the song “My New Year’s Resolutions”.

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1936: Halloween

Louis Armstrong gets scared by playing “Skeleton in the Closet”, a song from the 1936 film Pennies from the sky.

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1938: Thanksgiving

Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant pose in the garden of the SS Normandie, the French liner that brought them from Europe to America just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Around the 40s: Halloween

Ann Rutherford looks ready for Halloween as she holds a pumpkin lantern on top of a pile of pumpkins. In 1939 she rose to fame in Carried away by the wind.

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1946: St. Patrick’s Day

Actress Adele Mara brought luck with her in 1946. Her successful film, The inner circle, was released just a few months after the holidays.

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1946: Easter

Joan Crawford and her 7-year-old daughter Christina model their matching Easter hats while on vacation in La Quinta, Calif. The accessories were made of pink straw, sweet peas and turquoise bows.

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1946: Halloween

Ava Gardner casts a spell on Hollywood in this gorgeous 1946 Halloween look.

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1949: Easter

Bette Davis and her artist husband, William Grant Sherry, along with their daughter Barbara, take a stroll through Central Park on their first Easter in New York City. They were in the Big Apple for Sherry’s first New York art exhibition at the American British Art Center.

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Circa 1950s: Thanksgiving

Lucille Ball arrives at LaGuardia Airport during the frosty New York winter. She couldn’t wait to get inside for Thanksgiving that she loaded some of her luggage into the limo herself.

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1950: Thanksgiving

Marilyn Monroe faces off against a turkey in this festive 1950s photoshoot. She was promoting her new movie All about Eve.

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1950: Christmas

Elizabeth Taylor made the big list in 1950 with this wonderful Christmas ad.

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1951: Valentine’s Day

Marilyn Monroe is a Cupid’s Valentine’s Day cowgirl in 1951. She brought the popularity of westerns in the 1940s to the next decade with her outfit, complete with a fringed top, hat and boots.

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1951: Christmas

Once again, Marilyn Monroe didn’t leave much to the imagination in this holiday snap from 1951, wearing a two-piece swimsuit and standing inside a Christmas stocking in oversized nylon.

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1952: Valentine’s Day

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without America’s sweetheart, Audrey Hepburn. The coin that fueled his rise to fame, Gigi, will continue a few months before its last recall on May 31, 1952.

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1952: Valentine’s Day

Marilyn Monroe was in another iconic Valentine’s Day shoot. This time the photos were taken to promote his next film, We are not married which debuted on July 11, 1952.

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1953: Russian New Year

Arthur Street, actress Anne Baxter, dancer Tamara Geva and Count Woronzov toast Sherry Netherland on the occasion of the Russian New Year.

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1953: July 4

Marilyn Monroe knows how to rock a vacation photoshoot. Here, she is smiling for a 4th of July photo, while promoting How to marry a millionaire, which came out a few months later.

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1954: St. Patrick’s Day

Grace Kelly shines in an emerald strapless dress and white shawl during a St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot in 1954.

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1954: Christmas

Robert Sterling from Topper the celebrity steps out of the mistletoe for a kiss from his wife, Anne Jeffreys. The lovebirds remained married until her death in 2006.

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Around 1955: Christmas

Dinah Shore, Burl Ives and Gale Storm (and their ukuleles) are filming a Christmas special on TV.

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