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Watch: Viral Video Shows Squid Game Characters Reimagined As Hollywood Actors

Netflix fans Squid game are going absolutely gaga over a new viral video that reinvents some of its main characters as Hollywood actors.

The South Korean survival thriller follows cash-strapped people on their journey to be recruited by an obscure organization for the chance to earn some life-changing sum of money. The competition is life or death, however, which came as a shock to some when the first game of the competition was revealed to be ripped straight from the schoolyard.

Impressively, the show is on track to be Netflix’s biggest series to date, with fans in the US and abroad topping the charts on the streaming platform in 90 countries.

It’s only natural that some are wondering if Hollywood could attempt to adapt the series, although for our money we think it might be best to leave it pretty much alone in this case. The show turned out to be a compelling allegory commenting on the income inequality in our end-of-capitalism global economy, and these themes came to life so vividly that it would be hard to imagine any adaptation could really do. surpass it.

However, it’s fun to think of what the stars of Tinseltown might be like for some of the characters. Included in the list, apparently thanks to some kind of deep technical wrong on the Chambungg YouTube Channel, are Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Zendaya, Josh Hartnett and Danny Trejo. And we have to admit, given the characters they play, that wouldn’t be a bad choice at all. You can watch the video yourself below:

Squid game is available on Netflix right now and you should probably watch it so that, at the very least, you don’t get completely confused by the absolute wave of masked soldiers in red overalls who are sure to roam the streets at the Halloween occasion this year.