Weight loss goals are on the minds of many and the results can be achieved with a healthy diet and an exercise program. The man behind Rebel Wilson’s transformation, Jono Castano shared the top tips for getting in shape.

Always warm up

Circulating blood before a workout is important to prevent injury.

It can also help dieters get into the right headspace for a good session, Jono said.

He said: “The mental and physical warm-up prepares you for the upcoming training and also avoids the risk of injury.”


Turn it on

There are many workout plans and exercise regimes to choose from, so training doesn’t have to be boring.

The expert recommended following a varied training program to give the muscles time to rest.

Mixing up a routine can also help those hoping to lose weight stay on track.

While doing this, it can also help to choose the workouts that you like.

He recommended moving every day in order to stay in good physical and mental health.

“I firmly believe in moving every day, which is why I preach 45 a day,” said the expert.

“Forty-five minutes of exercise a day will keep your blood flowing, great for mental health, and an added benefit is that it burns extra calories.

“It doesn’t always have to be a heavy sweating session, even if it’s just a walk, it will keep you motivated as you show up and accomplish something for the day.”

Jono’s six week body transformation program begins June 7 and is accessible online through the LIVENow Fitness platform. Price £ 35

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