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Weird places Hollywood stars visited in Moscow

Arriving for the first time in the Russian capital, most rush to see Red Square and the Kremlin. But these Mavericks did not follow the script.

Quentin Tarantino: Pasternak’s Tomb and State Central Film Museum

The last time the famous American director came to Moscow was in 2019 to promote his film. Once upon a time in hollywood. The then Russian Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky, gave the maestro a tour of the Kremlin and its museums, the photographs of which have become memes. And it is not by chance that the minister offered Tarantino a collection of poems by Boris Pasternak.

Tarantino and Vladimir Medinsky in the Kremlin

On his previous visit to Moscow in 2004, he had not gone anywhere, but to the grave of Boris Pasternak, who turned out to be the favorite author of the great director. Tarantino spent about half an hour in the cemetery. Eyewitnesses recall that, far from being a lip-service visit, the director sat huddled against the gravestone in a sort of trance. Tarantino himself later claimed to possess the ability to make spiritual contact with genius writers.

Tarantino at Pasternak's grave

On his way back to the cemetery, which is on the outskirts of Moscow, Quentin descended back to Earth via McDonald’s, then unexpectedly showed up at the State Central Film Museum. Director Naum Kleiman took him on tour, showing him things the scholarly director might not have seen – the maestro was ecstatic.

Johnny Depp: Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Mayakovsky Museum

The world’s most famous pirate has made several film premieres in Moscow, but his most unusual visit was in 2018. Depp came to play with the rock band Hollywood Vampires, which he formed with Alice Cooper and the Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Before the concert at the Olympic Stadium, Depp passed by … Mayakovsky Museum, which it turned out that the actor had long dreamed of visiting, having read voraciously Mayakovsky since his teenage years, admiring “his passion, his drama, its dynamism and its incredible strength. ” He once bought a book of his poetry for the portrait on the cover: “When I saw that shaved head and that mean face, I thought, oh, this is definitely for me!

In addition, the actor visited Lenin’s mausoleum and the necropolis near the Kremlin wall. Later, at a press conference, he lamented that he still had too little time in Moscow to see all the wonderful sights.

Tom Hardy: Ice Cave and the Moscow Metro

Tom Hardy in Moscow's Zaryadye Park next to the Kremlin

Tom Hardy came to Moscow in 2018 to promote the film Venom. He met fans and strolled through trendy Zaryadye Park near the Kremlin, where he entered the Ice Cave Pavilion. To keep his ears from freezing, he was presented with a fur hat, which he wanted to show off at a press conference.

Hardy also took the Moscow metro. Not without security, of course, but he still got a good idea of ​​the place and even rubbed the nose of the bronze dog at Ploshchad Revolutsii station (Revolution Square) to bring him luck.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Skolkovo Innovation Center and Tretyakov Gallery

In 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger wore the uniform of a Soviet policeman in Red Square while they were shooting the movie Red Heat there.

Iron Arnie has been to Moscow several times. The actor’s most famous Russian scene was probably the one filmed in Red Square in the 1988s. red heat. During this visit, he wanted to buy a fur coat for his wife, but the USSR in the days of perestroika suffered from a shortage. But after pulling some media and official strings, Schwarzenegger was taken to Torgmekh’s store, where he chose a gorgeous white fur coat for his other half. Arnie also met his childhood idol, Soviet world champion weightlifter Yuri Vlasov.

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets his idol Yuri Vlasov at the Moscow athletics sports club, 1988

In 2010, Schwarzenegger did not come as an actor, but as the “governor” of California, bringing with him a group of American businessmen looking to invest. He took the metro at the morning rush hour and got caught in the crowd rushing to work, from which he optimistically concluded that Russians love their public transport.

Later, then-president Dmitry Medvedev personally took Arnie to visit the Skolkovo Innovation Center, where they discussed US investment opportunities. Medvedev even accompanied the actor to the gym. Arnie expressed a desire to visit the Tretyakov Gallery, so the doors were opened especially for him, even though it was a cleaning day!

Madonna: boarding school for orphans

Madonna leaves her hotel in Moscow, 2006

The pop diva first performed in Moscow in 2006, and, yes, it made a splash. Despite the exorbitant price of tickets, the spectacle at the Luzhniki Olympic complex sold out, and afterwards she was inundated with invitations to nightclubs. Journalists set up camp outside the lavish Café Pouchkine, expecting the singer to show up for a meeting with representatives of Russia’s LGBT community. But Madonna shocked everyone by not going to any party. Instead, she drove from the hotel to the airport, making a secret visit to an orphanage on the way and donating a pretty penny (how much the press failed to determine).

Steven Tyler: played in the street

On his last visit in 2015, the singer of the legendary Aerosmith went straight to Kuznetsky Most street to … perform with a local street musician! It all happened by chance. He was passing by when he heard a guy with a guitar performing his song “I Don’t Want Miss A Thing”. Tyler approached the microphone and joined the young musician to the delight of the ecstatic crowd.

The leader has Russian roots, he later revealed at a press conference. His grandfather came from Ukraine and always considered himself Russian, Tyler said, and he himself grew up with borscht and generally enjoys Russian cuisine.

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