Hollywood stars

What characteristics help football players become Hollywood stars? Hassan Ibrahim highlights

What does it take for a footballer to become a Hollywood star?

While many college football players may leave the impression of living hedonistic, status-driven lives fueled by accolades and adoration, in the late 1960s Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones had to juggle with a double existence; changing into a suit after soccer practice and rushing out of the locker room for theater rehearsals. Throughout his time at the prestigious Harvard University, he balanced his roles as a student, athlete, and actor.

This is also how Hassan Ibrahim managed to transition from college football, while honing his skills as a professional actor, while caring for his cancer-stricken mother. The tenacity and courage he acquired balancing these different roles was the perfect transition for his future career in the competitive world of Hollywood.

The steps to crack Hollywood

Ibrahim is a dreamer. From an early age, he had monumental aspirations and his sights set on Hollywood. While at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, he was on their football team as one of the California Golden Bears. And like Tommy Lee Jones before him, he was able to take the discipline and hard work encouraged on the football field and put it into his acting career.

His first role was in 2016 when he accidentally and unexpectedly landed a role in the produced Shonda Rhimes. How to get away with murder. While auditioning for another role, he was instead cast as Alfred Enoch’s replacement. This is how his first experience on the set began, where he met the team and immersed himself in the experience of television creation.

From there, he appeared on several television shows, including Sunset Glory: Heroes of Doolittle, Kingdom, and fear of love. This was followed by a pivotal role as the main character’s brother in Perspectivesa short film that tackles racial inequality and discrimination.

Her most notable roles to date have been in various recurring roles in the critically acclaimed Netflix production 13 reasons whycreated by Brian Yorkey.

Nepotism and the bitter side of “who you know” type networking has been prevalent in Hollywood since its inception, with a wide range of names taking their place in the industry due to the success of their family members and of the relationships they have. With these constant obstacles, Ibrahim understands how difficult it is to break into Hollywood and the mental and emotional toll it can take. But he is convinced that now that the right doors are open, he will find a place in Hollywood.