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What will Hollywood stars be eating at the 2022 Oscars Governor’s Ball?

200 of the world’s top chefs are working hard to prepare the dishes for this year’s Oscars Governor’s Ball.

Chef Wolfgang Puck and his catering company collaborated with Bronx-based culinary collective Ghetto Gastro to create the menu for the special occasion.

It’s a daunting task for the chefs and requires weeks of careful planning and preparation in order to feed the 1,500 celebrities in attendance.

“Obviously it’s such a big effort. We have 200 people in the kitchen. 600 people in the dining room and we serve 1,500 people. Everything is cooked at the last moment. So nothing is pre-cooked. So it’s going to be really fine,” Puck said.

What is on the menu?

The menu is said to feature new and imaginative dishes, as well as customer favorites such as salmon Oscars and spicy tuna cones.

One of Puck’s team’s most notable culinary delights are the mini golden chocolate Oscar statues, which are offered to guests in take-out boxes.

“We have our Oscars chocolate, which is 70% chocolate, it’s a French chocolate from Valrhona, Guanaja chocolate. We mold them, we let them crystallize”, explains the chef of the Oscars evening, Garry Larduinat.

Wolfgang Puck’s prediction for the Oscars

Puck has had his say on which movies he thinks are in the running for the highly anticipated Best Picture award.

“I think CODA is probably the best. CODA and Belfast I would bet on,” Puck said.

He also gave his thoughts on Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, which was nominated for Oscars for Best Makeup and Best Hairstyle.

“I saw a few days ago on the way back from Dubai, I saw Ridley Scott’s movie. I thought it was good but not enough food in it. I said that a film about Italy without food is not about Italy,” joked the Austrian. – American cook.

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The 94th Academy Awards takes place on Monday, March 28 between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. CET.

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Watch the video above to see how the 200 Chefs are preparing for the Oscars