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Which Hollywood celebrities have spoken out against Bill Murray?

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For decades now, Bill Murray was the benchmark for comedy in cinema. His on-screen antics and dialogue have been praised while his deadpan presentation of humor always wins the crown no matter how many other actors are on stage. But there is a hard line separating the real world from real life and the latest set of allegations against Murray seem to highlight that difference.

Murray’s on-set behavior has become a subject of heated debate after a recent report made a dive deep into his ‘inappropriate behavior’ which led to the production of Aziz Ansari’s first film be mortal discontinued in April 2022.

The report alleged that the actor paid an exorbitant $100,000 settlement to a member of the film‘s “much younger” female crew because during production the 72-year-old kissed and rode the woman very ” horrified”, who “interpreted his actions as entirely sexual” and naturally filed a complaint against him.

The settlement would mean the affected crew member will ‘maintain confidentiality’ and waive ‘any legal claims she may have against the producers’. Earlier this year, Murray had addressed the issue and claimed he did “something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way”.

Well, while the dust seems to be settling on this one, Murray is far from getting rid of all the other allegations against him — some of which are newer than the be mortal fiasco – which put a whole new spin on the known fact that the ghost hunterThe star of can be difficult to work with.

Geena Davis explains how Bill Murray repeatedly made her feel uncomfortable

Geena Davis
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Memoirs of Davis die of politeness was released after all be mortal report and it serves to blatantly underscore that Murray’s on-set behavior when being questioned is not an isolated incident.

In his memoirs (via People), she revisits the time she worked with the actor on Quick change in 1990. She was introduced to him in a hotel suite, where Murray allegedly “insisted” on using a massager on her and refused to take no for an answer even though Davis clearly disagreed.

“I should have yelled at him and caused a scene if I was to get him to give up trying to force me to do it; the other men in the room did nothing to stop it. I realized with deep sadness that I did not yet have the capacity to withstand this onslaught – or simply walk away.

According to Davis, his problematic attitude didn’t stop there. On the film’s New York set, he yelled at her in front of more than 300 people who were there.

In her book, Davis also recounts an interview she did with Murray, who tried to pull down the straps of her dress as she spoke. As the actress revealed in a chat with Peopleas she met charlie’s angels star after the film was shot for publicity reasons, she has kept her distance from him ever since.

Bill Murray’s “nice” or “tough” dilemma for SNL hosts

Rob Schneider
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After being an actor Saturday Night Live for years, Murray returned to host the show five times between 1981 and 1999, of which Rob Schneider was (un)lucky to see two since he was part of the cast from 1990 to 1994. a recent appearance on The Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show (via THR), Schneider revealed that each time Murray was scheduled to host the show, the cast received very specific reminders to put them on their toes.

“Bill Murray will come, he will change the dialogue. He’s gonna turn things around, and it’s gonna be great, but you don’t know who you’re gonna get. Which Bill Murray you’re gonna have. Nice Bill Murray? Or are you gonna get tough Bill Murray? Schneider called back.

As Schneider explained, the comedian was “super nice” to fans but didn’t give the same jovial treatment to the SNL cast members, especially Chris Farley and Adam Sandler. According to the former host, Murray “hated Chris Farley with a passion” and “boiled just watching him”. Farley’s “cool to be so out of control” style was likely the reason for the actor’s dislike.

As for Sandler, Murray also “really hated” him because “he just wasn’t in that rhythm, you know? you could see the audience was devouring it.

Apparently Schneider didn’t face the brunt of Murray’s allegations mean girls‘ as he apparently despised him less than the others.

Seth Green on how Bill Murray left him ‘horrified’

During a recent episode of Tell the truth or eat the wrong food, Seth Green took a trip down memory lane and told how he made the seemingly serious mistake of sitting in a chair that Murray had clearly marked as his own. The actor made a “big fuss” about Green being in his place even though it looked more like a couch and the family guy star just occupied his arm, leaving enough space for Murray.

When Green refused to budge, Murray “grabbed me by the ankles” and “held me upside down…dangled me over a trash can and he said, ‘Trash go in the trash “.”

“And I was screaming, and I swung my arms around, wildly flailing, full contact with his balls. He threw me in the trash [and] the trash can falls. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room and just cried.

Lucy Liu’s clash with Bill Murray

lucy liu
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Last year, during an appearance on the Pretty Asian podcast (via Deadline), Lucy Liu revealed how Bill Murray unnecessarily targeted her on the set of the 2000 film charlie’s angels. Apparently, Murray was absent for a significant lapse of time during the filming of the film. Within that span, one scene was rewritten, although Liu, who was an early-career actress at the time, had little to do with the reworked script.

When Murray learned of the rewrites, he began “sort of throwing insults at her” and even resorted to “inexcusable and unacceptable” language. But despite not being as famous as the rest of the cast, Liu refused to be wrongfully subjected to blatant disrespect.

“I fought back and I don’t regret it,” she said. “Because no matter how high on the totem pole you are or where you’re from, there’s no need to condescend or put others down.”

The McG and Bill Murray altercation

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In a conversation with The Guardian in May 2009, charlie’s angels director McG alleged that during production of the film, the actor head-butted him so hard that if he had been an inch below, his nose would have been “obliterated”. But as far as Murray is concerned, the story is “complete shitand is only a figment of McG’s “very active imagination”.

Richard Dreyfuss on Murray being a ‘bully’

Richard Dreyfuss
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Dreyfuss added to Murray’s infamous saga of alleged on-set dramas in 2019 in an interview with yahoo in which he shared how the actor was like “a drunk Irish bully” during production of What about Bob (1991). He even threw a heavy ashtray at him that could have hurt him badly if he hadn’t missed. But for Murray, it was a win-win scenario as the fact that he and Dreyfuss didn’t get along worked for the film where his character constantly annoys the latter’s Dr. Leo Marvin.

What about Bob? the producer was “outraged” by Bill Murray

Laura Ziskin
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In 2003, Laura Ziskin revealed how she clashed with Murray on the set of What about Bob? was a common occurrence. But it got worse when he dumped her in a lake — which Ziskin called playful antics — and then threatened to dump her across the parking lot. He smashed his sunglasses and threw them across the parking lot, which left Ziskin very “angry and outraged at the time, but after producing a dozen films, I can safely say that it wasn’t is not a common behavior”.

The feud between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis
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Bill Murray’s on-set altercations also include his clash with longtime friend Harold Ramis whom he had a falling out with while the latter was directing groundhog day. The duo disagreed on the tone of the film and written by Violet Ramis Stiel in Ghostbuster’s Daughter: Life with My Dad, Harold Ramis, the argument escalated to the point where “he grabbed Bill by the collar and pushed him against a wall”. After giving himself a cold shoulder for the next two decades, Murray finally reconciled with Ramis before the latter passed away in 2010.

Murray has not addressed many of the past allegations on this list. But given the onslaught of new charges against the actor, it will take him some time to tackle each one separately and obviously the new claims take precedence.