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Who Are Australia’s Highest Earning Hollywood Stars?

While Tinseltown used to be about untouchable Aussies, like Hugh and Nicole Kidman, these days Aussie stars seem a bit more down to earth and approachable. But do they still bank?

Ah, being a Hollywood star with a six (or seven, even eight figure!) annual salary. It’s really only something you can dream of, because making it as big as these wonders is definitely not an easy thing. You probably have better luck playing in an Australian no deposit bonus casino and winning the jackpot than becoming a celebrity… At least in this lifetime!

Margot Robbie

The woman on everyone’s lips right now is Margot Robbie [seen above in upcoming Barbie]. While her Hollywood breakout role was in the The wolf of Wall Street in 2013 alongside Hollywood royalty, Leonardo DiCaprio, she was on her way for many years before that. Australians will remember her distinctly from her time Neighbors like Donna Freedman. She even had a small role in the latest adventures of the decades-running Australian soap opera this year. Margot reaches a net worth of $62 million in 2021 – enough to buy a mega-mansion in Sydney. She is also No. 72 on the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich list.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris, Luke, Liam…blood is flowing with these in-demand Aussie brothers. Hailing from the east coast of Australia, these three blondes have been making waves in the industry for a long time. Hailing from the hippy-slash influencer haven that is Bryon Bay, these brothers are a trifecta if we’ve ever seen one. Chris [pictured in Spiderhead], for now at least, is the most bankable of the three, with an estimated worth of around $105 million. It’s thanks to movies like the goliath Thor, Centr home fitness app, and be the quintessential sexy Aussie in everything he does. And no, he wasn’t the one who dated Miley — it was Liam. Equally exciting.

Nicole Kidman

A Hollywood leading lady for about 40 years, Nicole Kidman [pictured in Nine Perfect Strangers] is nothing less than a powerhouse. Beginning his career with Bandit BMX in 1983, Nicole was often mentioned in the same breath as Scientology and Tom Cruise – her husband for many years after meeting on the set of thunder days in 1990. Nicole’s career highlights include the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her role as Virginia Woolf in Hoursand its star changes batman forever (a rare escape superhero movie), die for (a black comedy alongside Joaquin Phoenix) and Eyes wide closed (with Tom!). Her current net worth stands at around $250 million and she is now happily remarried to country music star Keith Urban.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett was another highly sought-after blonde bombshell and actress around the same time. [pictured in Nightmare Alley]. Seamlessly flowing through drama and comedy, movies and TV, Cate is a natural of many talents. You might not even realize she was into something because she’s a real chameleon – did you catch Cate as a newsreader in Don’t look up? Cate also has a Best Actress Oscar under her belt for playing Katherine Hepburn in the aviator (these Leo references write themselves). More recently, Cate has been tearing up Broadway and executive producing films.

Miranda Kerr

Although Miranda Kerr is not known outside of Australia, she deserves her place on this list. As a baby-faced model who walked out of Dolly magazine’s modeling contest — when she was 14, no less — Miranda became one of the highest-paid models in the world and earned her a coveted spot as as the main angel of Victoria’s Secret. After a high-profile relationship and children with Orlando Bloom, Kerr has now settled down with Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegal. Her KORA Organics skincare line continues to impress and her net worth is estimated at $45 million.

Hugh Jackman

Ok, back to Hugh. Man can do no wrong, after all. After a huge stage and musical career, Hugh also managed to break into Hollywood, with his roles in the X-Men saga, The Prestige, happy feet, Australia, and more. While Hollywood was good for Hugh, in recent years he has returned to the stage where he truly calls home. Want to know how much it packs? About $180 million, they say.

Simon Boulanger

Is he Australian ourrrr? Simon Baker has long been a feature in Hollywood, from the big screen to full-length feature films. But he’s not exactly the most open with his heritage – you’ll be hard-pressed to notice an accent! The blond playwright has graced our screens for many decades, as a lead on shows like The Guardian and The mentalist [pictured], displaying his ironic smile. More recently, Simon delved into his past to lay it all bare – so check it out if you’re interested.