Jonathan and Drew Scott made their television debuts in 2011, and almost a decade later the Property Brothers are still in the home improvement business. In their latest series, celebrity debt recognition, celebrities are giving their personal heroes the home renovations of their dreams. So far, Jonathan and Drew have helped stars like Rebel Wilson, Viola Davis, and Justin Hartley do just that.

Who is Lisa, Kris Jenner’s best friend?

In Season 2, Episode 5 of celebrity debt recognition, viewers learned that Kris Jenner and Lisa have been friends for over 40 years.

Lisa, who is Kris’ children’s godmother, recently lost her mother and husband. Kris said in a declaration, “I feel like I got a gift because I was able to do it for Lisa. She’s starting to make new memories and make a new start. “

Drew said that while Lisa “saved every penny” to buy a nice house in the same neighborhood as her best friend, her budget was under-budget when it was time to spruce up her bare, neglected garden.

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He said TV initiate, “She had a hard time trying to figure out what life means to her. She saved every penny to buy this house, living in the same neighborhood as Kris, but couldn’t afford to do anything. with the court. The kind of transformation – it changes the life. We feel really lucky to be a part of that.

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In the episode, Kris was joined by two of her daughters, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, who played unique roles in the renovation process. Jonathan said TV initiate, “I’ve heard that Kris is a very savvy businesswoman. I was dazzled. I really had a bad impression. They all have hearts of gold. They really wanted to do something special for Lisa.

He added: “Kim was funny because she said up front, ‘I wear heels and I don’t do demolition, I’ll help you choose the finishes. I will help you choose the color scheme. She was really great with it all, but it was really Kendall and Kris saying, “We want to break something.”

In the end, Kris, Kendall, Kim and the Property Brothers gave Lisa a new and improved garden oasis. But who else will be featured on this season of celebrity debt recognition?

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Source: HGTV

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