Adele She surprised all the fans last year by revealing the result of her great physical transformation which made her lose over 40 pounds. Following in her footsteps, the Australian actress Rebellious wilson did the same and managed to push her body to the limit which is why social media users they compare them.

From his beginnings in Hollywood Rebellious wilson She played roles that classified her as the “fat girl” and that’s something she always joked about. However, at the start of last year, she was determined to change her lifestyle with strict training and a healthy diet to reach her goal and achieve one of the happiest milestones in her life, she said. declared.

As happened with Adele, Rebellious wilson She lost 30 kilograms and went from 100 to 70. However, in her case, it turned out that for a long time even Hollywood producers and directors demanded that she remain obese in order to shine in her career. But now, his social networks are faithful proof of his effort.

Now what could the 15-time Grammy winner eat and what not? Far from banning all carbohydrates, as some methods advocate, the diet’s creators claim that the dreaded pizzas even have a place in the sirtfood diet. Of course, it’s not about eating pizza like there’s no tomorrow.

The food food con has specific proteins (sirtuins) that can help lean genes in the body. Foods allowed in the diet include kale, strawberries, onions, extra virgin oil, and even dark chocolate are recommended. Typical foods allowed include salads, fish, tabbouleh and sautéed shrimp.


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