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Your heart will fall on these Hollywood movies

You all will like many Hollywood movies, and even though the theme of Hollywood movies is so good, today we are going to tell you about some of those movies, which you must have heard of, but you hardly know that those movies were produced by The King of Suspense films, Alfred Hitchcock and so on. It is also said to have the highest ratings of all time.

Rear window (note: 8.5/10): In the 1954 film, there is the story of Jeff, a photographer sitting in a wheelchair. Because he’s injured and the cast is attached to his leg. So he looked at everyone through the window of his apartment. By putting a long lens in the camera, Takazhanki had become his hobby. He also fell out with his model girlfriend Lisa, but after seeing the moves happening in the neighborhood, she became his helper as well. Jeff was convinced that a man in the front apartment had killed his wife. From there, the suspense of the story begins and takes new turns every minute. Lisa enters people’s apartments to invest and also has to go to the dungeon. If anything further said it entered the spoiler category, this movie was also nominated for Oscars in 4 categories.

2. Psycho (score – 8.5/10): Many film critics have named Hitchcock’s film Psycho the world’s most horrifying film. However, the two films have one similarity – the ghost or something is nowhere to be found and all the fear is built on the basis of sound and tight writing. Psycho came in 1960 and The Shining in 1980. Plus, the bathroom sequence in this movie is one of the few moments you’ll never forget after watching it once. The Guardian ranked the sequence number two on its list of the 10 Greatest Movie Moments of 2000.

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